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Karen Edwards

Karen Edwards has been involved in the mortgage industry for over 20 years. She has found that her passion is in solving puzzles and problems by listening, researching, and not giving in until her borrower has just the right solution for their home financing. Her idea of fun is to spend time with her family which usually involves cars, airplanes, houses, clothes, and food. She doesn’t shop for these things. She is usually at an old car show, air show, designing a home, sewing clothes, or preparing a meal.As a 4th generation California native, her favorite place is in the waves. She loves to go body surfing, sailing, or standing in the sand. Karen’s career in real estate began as a child working in the family business. Her dad was a wood and metal shop teacher for a Jr. High School in Whitter, CA. During the summers, he would remodel friends’ kitchens and build room additions. With a small inheritance of $2,500, he put a down payment on two apartment buildings in Whitter whom the seller was more than happy to lend him the rest of the purchase price so that her dad would make interest payments and the previous owner no longer had to do any maintenance on the buildings. On Saturdays, Karen and her brothers would work on lawn cutting, ivy trimming, apartment unit clean out, painting, and other repairs. Eventually, when Karen and her brother were teenagers, their dad decided to retire from his teaching position to start his own construction company. During high school, the weekend and summer jobs turned into new home construction projects where she and her brother built every phase of the home from tying the rebar for the foundation all the way up to sheathing the roof with the framing, electrical, plumbing, and painting in between.Karen’s love for banking must have started with trips to the bank as a small child with her mom. She thought it was a special treat when she got to go into the shiny vault with her mom to the safe deposit box. By the end of high school, she found herself in an elective course offered by her school in Bank Operations. Over the years, she has combined her love of building and designing homes with her puzzle solving mind to become the mortgage professional whom homeowners, buyers and Realtor partners seek out for her years of knowledge for a smooth transaction.

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