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The o2 Mortgage Story

We are a small residential finance company located in Campbell, CA. We believe that no matter what we do, we must take ownership of it – for our clients, our partners and ourselves. Due to this philosophy we have grown at a rapid rate. However, as we’ve grown, we’ve retained our small-company atmosphere where employees are encouraged to share ideas and make them realities. By partnering state-of-the-art technology and dedicated leadership with the best and brightest employees in the industry, O2 Mortgage fosters a culture of constant innovation and growth.

Meet the team


David Setti

Branch Manager/Senior Loan Officer

DRE#01329941 | NMLS#225953

Lives in San Jose, CA
Grew up in Los Angeles, CA

Work Superpowers
Able to communicate without words using only stern looks, amazing quirky sock wardrobe

Supercool Fun Fact
World’s biggest Sharks fan – do you think any of them need a home loan?

Meet David

Drew Frampton

Sales Manager / Senior Loan Officer

NMLS #227685

Lives in San Jose, CA
Grew up in Santa Cruz, CA

Work Superpowers
Mega coffee drinking, keyboard smashing, flirtatious winking

Supercool Fun Fact
He won the posture parade in 2nd grade.

Meet Drew

Our Team

Danny Schaezlein

Senior Production Manager/Loan Officer

NMLS #1553477

Lives in Santa Rosa, CA
Grew up in Belmont, CA

Work Superpowers
Office supply artist, computer crasher, professional paper pusher

Supercool Fun Fact
He is constantly preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Meet Danny

Jessica Jackson

Senior Production Manager/Loan Officer

NMLS #1068500

Lives in San Jose, CA
Grew up in Santa Cruz and Clovis, CA

Work Superpowers
Client file organizing master, perfectionist by default, able to move about the office at lightning speed

Supercool Fun Fact
NAUI certified scuba diver who has even dove with sharks!

Meet Jessica

Karen Edwards

Production Manager/Loan Officer

NMLS #218373

Lives in Anaheim, CA
Grew up in Hacienda Heights, CA

Work Superpowers
Super Sleuth – puzzle solver, resolver, and investigator.

Supercool Fun Fact
Performer at the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

Meet Karen

Tam Braithwaite

Production Manager

NMLS #1810936

Lives in  St. Charles, MO
Grew up in Harrisonburg, VA

Work Superpowers
I’m scrappy! The positive definition of Scrappy.

Supercool Fun Fact
Flight Attendant for TWA/American Airlines for 15 years and had the amazing opportunity to travel the world. Not sure how cool it is but I absolutely loved it!

Melanie Dovan

Production Manager

Lives in San Jose, CA
Grew up in Cupertino, CA

Work Superpowers
Office DJ, Capt. Empathy and Positivity, professional task-list completer, observer of small details

Supercool Fun Fact
She has performed in a flash mob in Vegas.

Ashlynne Gallo

Client Development Specialist

Lives in  Morgan Hill, CA
Grew up in San Jose, CA

Work Superpowers
Punctuality, preparedness and the ability to solve any puzzle

Supercool Fun Fact
Her and her husband are on a quest to try as many Michelin rated restaurants as possible.

Ryan Boyd

Senior Processor

Lives in Wichita, KS
Grew up in Corpus Christi, TX

Work Superpowers
Handyman extraordinaire, coffee mug connoisseur, loan approval decoding whiz

Supercool Fun Fact
He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Maggie Redford

Marketing Manager

Lives in St. Louis, MO
Grew up in Teagu, Korea, Kalamazoo, MI, & Webster Groves, MO

Work Superpowers
Creative, detail oriented, organized and hard worker

Supercool Fun Fact
She got to release baby turtles in the ocean in Mexico.